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Red Spots? No more!!!

Red Spots? No more!!!

Red spots can be cute but in most cases, redness can be a true annoyance. Whether it’s from acne scars, broken blood vessels, rosacea, allergies or irritation, Flawless canvas in which to apply makeup, not to mention dark spots and circles under the eyes. Red blotches and dark areas may be difficult to cover up with a just plain foundation, but the right type of concealer can go a long way, especially when you master the art of color correction. Color correction is, essentially, the application of a color to neutralize its opposite. For instance green for red, yellow for blue/dark… do you remember the wheel color? We learned it at school…


First, let’s look into how to deal with redness. If we want to conceal it, we’d choose whichever color is right across the wheel, which would be green for fair-skinned people with pink skin tones. For red blotchiness that covers a larger area of the face, a color-correcting primer may be a great choice to use before applying foundation.


For those with light-medium to medium dark, yellow-based skin tones, To hide dark undereye circles, we would use yellow, since it is directly across from purple on the color wheel.

What about other foundation?

After using your color-correcting concealer, you can apply a sheer, lightweight one to help blend it in with the foundation, For the most natural-looking finish, make sure to apply your concealer before the foundation, Make sure to blend a bit of concealer around the sides of your nose, as well. Use loose, translucent powder to set the concealer in place before applying foundation.



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