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The ’70s are back in a big way!!

The ’70s are back in a big way!!

Thefall/winter 2015 collections are seeing a huge Seventies throwback and we’re all-in with the retro-glam silhouettes.

The outfits our moms wore yesteryear are making a comeback for Fall 2015, from the trendiest runways all the way down to the street. The fashion flashback first started last season when both baby flares and sweeping bell bottoms dominated the fall/winter 2015 runways. And it looks as though the resurgence shows no signs of slowing down.

But, when it comes to actually wearing it in the modern age, there are some tricks of the trade. The exaggerated flares and oversize tops that look too cool on a model can feel more like a costume than the real deal once we’re in the changing room.

Luckily, through a little trial and error, we’ve narrowed down our favorite ’70s trends and exactly what works — no Woodstock flashbacks, we promise :




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